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About Us

BritFX was founded to help fx traders find the best UK Forex Brokers. We found that most Forex Broker Reviews looked at so many different areas, however few drilled down into the performance of brokerages.

BritFX was formed as we weren’t satisfied with the extent of current forex broker reviews. Our team was formed by Tom, Laura, John and Rachel, together offering extensive experience working in derivatives, equities, CFD’s and the Forex industry, as well as experience in graphic design, user experience, and SEO. As retail forex traders ourselves, we know what matters to traders. Our forex broker reviews are aimed to best reflect what trading with each reviewed forex broker encompasses, from trading costs to speed of deposits and withdrawals.

At BritFX we review the best UK forex brokers and also the best international brokers. In 2019 the FCA reduced the maximum leverage on forex currency pairs to 30:1, instigating many traders to open accounts internationally. At BritFX we recognise this newly emerged market.

At BritFX we put brokers performance under the microscope to compare forex brokers through their raw spreads, their true cost of trading (spreads, commissions and swaps combined) and slippage. BritFX has partnered with who have made this possible with their database.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help beginners through to professional Forex traders find the best brokerage for their trading style. We help traders find the best security, pricing, execution and trading conditions. We not only research the brokerage’s advertised costs and performance but also verify them, saving you extensive leg-work.

Simply put, BritFX is your one-stop-shop for forex broker reviews. Our mission is to assist you in finding the best brokerage. At BritFX we know that to be a serious forex trader it’s essential to be serious about finding the best pricing and execution.

Our Promise

Having extensively researched brokers both in the UK and internationally, we’ve selected criteria that all our forex broker reviews abide by:

Safety – All brokers that we review are regulated by a minimum of one internationally recognised regulatory party.

Good Quality – All recommended brokers offer the fx trading platform MT4.

Market Competitive – Recommended brokers are competitive.

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BritFX’s purpose is to help you! If our forex broker reviews have helped you, please help us grow our audience! We pride ourselves on giving reliable information in the forex industry, which is made possible by our partner If something on our website is incorrect or you’d like to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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